Shake Down Run

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Shake Down Run

Postby SHOF73 » Tue Feb 23, 2016 8:07 pm

My JEEP has been sitting for a year and a half. I upgraded the broken axle shafts and ball joints while it was down. Spring is quickly approaching and I need to do a Shake Down run before I go on an outing. Does anyone know of somewhere closer than Haspin for me to do a Check of everything?????
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Re: Shake Down Run

Postby kesterkamp » Wed Feb 24, 2016 10:50 am

haspin is still going to be the closest park... there is rush and dtor both prolly further away in ky
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Re: Shake Down Run

Postby ANDY » Wed Feb 24, 2016 9:42 pm

Welcome Back Rob!
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Re: Shake Down Run

Postby OffRoadOhio » Sun Mar 19, 2017 6:25 pm

oops... old post

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