big rock, maysville ky 8-14-10

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big rock, maysville ky 8-14-10

Postby eddie platt » Sun Aug 15, 2010 5:05 pm

hot, hot, and more hot.

that pretty much sums up the days ride. i was sweating even before i left the house.

it was me, rob, jon, dave, and scott. i caught up with rob, dave and jon in ripley. dave asked me to lead since i had been there before. according to the route i saw on the map going through old maysville across the old bridge looked like it was 5-10 minutes faster. so i decided to go that route, by way of taylor mill rd off 11. it turned out to be a very narrow one lane road, i know dave didnt like it at all towing his jeep up it. sorry again for that.

we were on the trail shortly after 10am. around 1130 we start on a short loose rocky climb out of one of the creek beds. towards the end it got REALLY steep for about 50'. i tried it a few times unsuccesfully, then backed out of the way and let rob go since he had a winch. after a couple tries he made it unassisted. so i give it another shot, after a little bounce my truck dies completely. no lights, no brakes, no steering..... nothing. i couldnt get my brakes to hold as i was backing down in neutral. so to prevent my truck from going any further down the hill i crank the steering wheel as hard as i could to aim for a big tree. and by that time i saw everyone at the bottom jumping out of the way.
luckily i got it to stop about 2' before the tree. so tried to crank it and still nothing. we pop the hood and discover the negative battery cable had come loose after i stalled the motor out. so i got both posts on good and tight and it fired right up. but it was definitely one of my more scarier moments wheeling.
i made it up close to the top, ended up getting winched up by rob.
jon was up next, he nailed it with enough throttle to make it.
scott made it unassisted as well, but somehow got a little hole in his radiator so it started leaking.
and dave winched from about halfway too.

so after all that we were all soaked in sweat, most of us anyways. we decided to eat lunch there and let the trucks cool off. scott put a can of stop leak in his radiator. dave had to respool his tangled up winch cable.

then we rode out to the overlook. headed back to a trail called widowmaker. i decided to head back to the front office to let bella get out and cool off. we got some food and cold drinks and watched an ambulance come in. the park had to call them for a dirt bike rider who got heat exhaustion.

the place seems alot bigger now that the whole thing is opened up for jeeps and trucks. last time i was here only part of it was open to us. the trails are still petty narrow at alot of spots cause they were only atv trails. we didnt go on the old truck section, but were told it was some more challenging stuff.
all in all a pretty easy day of trail riding, just really hot. and my jeep kept its cool all day long......
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Postby Jerry Blair » Tue Aug 17, 2010 11:42 am

Cool deal, Eddie.

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Postby spaulman » Tue Aug 17, 2010 10:31 pm

I talked to a guy at work from Muddy Buddys and he said that all of the good stuff is off to the right from the staging area. I guess that is the old truck area? I'm not sure that I could have taken any more of the heat though even if we had gone back there.
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Postby eddie platt » Wed Aug 18, 2010 7:47 am

yea, the heat was pretty bad. and i heard your wife ask if you could turn off the heat yet. i guess you had to run that for the stop leak. lol.

i had to do that on the last ride at booth's place in may. i had to run the heat a few times to help cool off the motor. not fun.

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Postby dbach » Wed Aug 18, 2010 9:27 pm

hot day ,didnt get to see all of park ,but would like to go back someday

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