Ready Welder 10000 portable welder

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Ready Welder 10000 portable welder

Postby ANDY » Sun Oct 30, 2011 1:07 pm

This is a nearly new RWII 10000 portable welder. I am confident it works however, I am selling it as is. I have not used it in the last 5 years or so and really don't need it with the onboard system I have. It was in Dad's Jeep.

This is a description I found online:

The RWII Model #10000 is cabled best for battery operation. This model will also connect to all CV (constant voltage) and DC (direct current) output machines. This model is most frequently used by repairmen, maintenance workers, 4X4 off-road enthusiasts, ranchers, boaters, agricultural industry and anyone primarily using batteries as the power source.

The ground cable is attached to the red dual quick disconnect connectors. This makes welding jobs in remote locations easy, portable and quick. This model will run off any 18, 24 & 36 volt batteries in a parallel series depending on the application and material to be welded.

Model 10000 Features:

*Welds Steel, Stainless and Aluminum or any Metals Where Standard One or Two Pound Spools are Available
*Connects to Batteries
– 18 Volt Battery can do Thin Sheet Metal
– 24 Volt will Single Pass 1/2" @275 amp
– 36 Volt will Weld up to 3/4" @350 to 400 amp
*Welds 22 Gage to 3/4"
*Connects to MIG/Constant Voltage Output Welders
*Uses Wire Sizes from .023 to .045 without changing rollers.
*Uses Heavy-Duty TWECO Quality Front End Consumables
*Wire Speeds of 50 Inches to 900 Inches per Minute
*Polarity Indicator Lights
*Ten Foot Cable with Quick Disconnects, Can be
*Extended to 100 Feet
*Built-in Gas Valve
*Ground Cable Attached

Ready Welder II Case Includes:

*RWII High-Impact MIG Gun
*Ten Feet of Cable
*One Spool of Flux Core Wire
*300 Amp Ground Clamp
*Two Battery Clamps
*Extra Tips and Gas Hose Fitting
*Ten Extra Feet of Gas Hose
*Foam Lined Blow-Molded Tough Briefcase

Here is an online link to it: ... 10000.html

They sell new for $500.00 on Ebay and $519.00 from Premier.

I will sell it for $300.00 cash
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