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Cj Transmission

Postby ANDY » Sat Dec 08, 2012 9:51 am

Well, I'm ready to wheel again. Terry pulled the tranny and had it rebuilt with several new additions:

New clutches etc.
New planetary gears (since I exploded the old ones) :eek:
Shift kit for tighter shifts :jammin:
Deleted the mechanical lockup inside the convertor (lightened it to spin up faster) :cool:
Raised the stall on the convertor to minimize the creeping I get when it's in low range. (I shouldn't need to stand on the brakes to get it to stop going down hill) :bigeyes:
Put in a JB conversions 32 spline heavy duty output :biggrin:

I can't really complain since the tranny I had rebuilt when I bought the Jeep lasted over 10 years. Those trips to the mall must have done it in :jester:
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