toyota 22r crank bearings

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toyota 22r crank bearings

Postby eddie platt » Tue Apr 15, 2008 8:43 am

does anyone have some experience changing crank and or rod bearings on a 22r toyota motor?
i have a friend that just picked up an 85 pickup with the 22r in it. it ran fine the whole way home, then on the way to his parents house it started knocking really bad. i can tell it is definitely coming from the bottom end of the motor. so i think it may have threw a bearing either on the crank or one of the rods. so we have been looking online and it seems like they can be replaced from underneath by dropping the oil pan. luckily he didnt drive it far like that, so hopefully the crank wasnt damaged.
anything i should watch out for or could it be something else?

btw, i think we have ruled out a blown head gasket. the knocking is pretty loud, and there is no water in the oil or vice versa.

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