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Postby Watson » Mon Jun 30, 2008 11:32 am

Thought I'd give an update to this OLD thread.

I actually drove the beast from Michigan to Cinci last night. With the freakishly cold Michigan winter (unheated detatched garage), hunting season, holidays with future in-laws, the change in jobs and the recent move I hadn't touched the truck in quite a while. But over the past couple months when going back up to MI on weekends to finishing getting things cleaned up in the house and garage, I slowly picked away at the list of "left-to-dos" on the Dodge to get it back on the road. Finally with all the initial heat-up/cool-down cycles and head-stud retorques (4 in all) I drove the truck around all weekend. She did great so I decided to log 350 miles on the new head and drive her down here. I can't believe how well the ported head flows. Before I had the cam/head when going about 70mph on the highway with no load I'd still pull about 8-10# of boost and run about 800 degree EGTs. Last night I noticed that when just tooling down the road at 70, no boost and only 600 degree EGT! And something that nobody will believe if they've seen my truck is NO SMOKE! OK - no smoke when driving normal but I can still blow a cloud black as night when needed. I had to show Alisha what a Cummins fart looked like when she was following me yesterday - she didn't find it funny. Anyway - I babied it and kept the boost under 20# and the head gasket stayed put. I'll log a few more miles this week and then pull the valve covers off one more time this weekend and retorque the studs and adjust the valves and then I should be able to leave the head alone until my next oil change. If the studs haven't stretched or loosened after 3-5K miles, then I should have no fear in dropping the hammer and let the turbo spool up and the black smoke roll. Just in time to put the truck up for sale... :cry:
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Postby bmerlin347 » Mon Jun 30, 2008 11:52 am

Woow, glad that you finally were able to get that beast back on the road.

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