Phone app for trail maps

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Phone app for trail maps

Postby broncomarc » Tue Jun 30, 2015 7:37 am

Check out the app, Maplets. I used it at Rausch Creek and it worked great. There is a map of the park already on the app and it shows you where you are on the map. The app is a few bucks, but well worth it.

I just checked it out and they do have Harlan on it. They did not have Golden Mountain, but I just submitted their Map to the App. Hopefully they'll add it before we go.

They've got over 11,000 maps available in the app. They are mostly things like city parks. They do have Kings Island, bike trails and other places like that.

Their web site is
Android App: ... gn.maplets
icrap app: ... 41739?mt=8
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